Sonora, CA – City Signs In A City Near You

Sonora is a city in California. It’s located near Yosemite National Park. The city has a beautiful trail called the City’s Dragoon Gulch Trail.

City Signs has had the magnificent opportunity to create and install signs in Sonora.


Illuminated Channel Letters for 99 Cents Only Store

One sign that we helped create was for the 99 cents only store. The sign helps potential customers find the store easily.

Face and Halo Illuminated Channel Letters

Another sign we created at City Signs is Kids Kutz. Kids Kutz is a hair cutting salon. The beautiful sign is face and halo illuminated. Face illuminated means that the sign’s letters themselves illuminate. Halo illuminated letters refers to the back of the sign illuminate (thus the “halo” effect).

City Signs also helped create and install signs for Hazy Bulldog Farms. We helped create their address letters, new faces for their existing cabinet and illuminated cabinet. The address letters are referred to as flat cut letters (FCOs). Flat cut out letters are usually made of acrylic. Illuminated cabinets are first welded and get inserted LEDs. The LEDs provide the illumination of the sign. After getting LED, the signs are caulked to ensure that the sign’s illumination looks beautiful. Afterwards, the panel is cut into the desired shape of the cabinet. The panel is then covered in the desired graphics.

How To Get A Sign In Sonora


The first step in getting your sign is to get into contact with one of our City Signs designer. City Signs designers have years of experience in customer service and design. They can help in designing your dream sign and guide you regarding material and color.


Next, your design needs to get permitted by the county and/or city. At City Signs, we have a permitting specialist that will help permit your sign and get into contact with county and city officials.

Fabrication and Production

Afterwards, your sign enters into fabrication and/or production. Depending on your sign, it will go through a few phases like channeling, prepping, building, wiring, paint, vinyl and quality control.


After the sign is made, City Signs installation team will reach out to you to set an installation day and time. City Sign installers have years of experience in installing signs and are quick in installing.


If you’re interested in any of these services or have a question, please contact us at 209.229.2220