Sonora, CA – Custom Logo Sign Box (Sign Cabinet) for Business Storefronts

Signage for your storefront can be considered to be the foundation of your successful business. Through signage you can display your business properly to any guests, new potential customers, and even to your community. Because this current generation of consumers tend to buy with their eyes, long before they buy with their wallets having a well thought out sign that will catch their eye would be ideal for any business.

LED stands for light emitting diodes. LED’s can be wired through a couple different sign choice such as channel letter sets, pole signs, lobby signs, entrance and exit signs, Sign cabinets, as well as menus or directories. The purpose for LED signs is to increase the visibility even after the sun has set.

Pros for LED Signs

LED signs are great for gaining maximum visibility for any potential customers driving in your area during day or night. They are perfect for winter nights when the sun sets earlier.  The best part of LED signs is that it allows your business to be advertised during anytime of the day rain or shine. LED illuminated signs can also assist in providing more light to your storefront making your business more inviting to consumers!


How to Increase Your Visual Appeal

When deciding over two sign options that look exactly the same and the only difference is that one sign is illuminated and one isn’t what sign option would you decide on? Most customers prefer to go with an illuminated sign option because an illuminated sign attracts more attention to a business during any time of day as opposed to a non illuminated sign. Illuminated signs are also a lot easier to read, visibly more attractive, and harder to forget.

Here at City signs we work with existing sign cabinets that are in need of light servicing, new sign faces, and even installation of new sign cabinets. If you have an existing sign whether you have channel letters, a neon signs, or would like to LED Retro fit an existing sign we are here to help! Don’t take our word for it. Call today at 209.229.2220 and set up your free consultation. We look forward to working together to achieve your lasting sign success!