Stanislaus County – Custom Designs : Lobby Signs for Medical Offices

Are you interested in customizing your facilities interior? By adding pops of color through wall art and furniture and even adding some dimension to the walls, your work place can go from dull and lifeless to a more positive, warm, and welcoming atmosphere not just for your guests but for your employees as well. Creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere can also motivate employees to provide the best customer service as opposed to working in a dim office with blank walls which can cause fatigue and lack of energy around the work space. Research shows that color combinations do have an impact in the work of employees and create different energies and vibes around the space. For Example, adding an all red mural can be a little intense and over powering for some people but adding a soft blue can be more calming and relaxing.

One of the best forms of marketing around your office is through customized signage that includes either company colors or your company logo to really make a lasting impression to all of you guests. Here at City signs we can provide your business with the best interior signage that will not only suit your business as decor but also as a marketing technique. If your guests constantly see your logo and name more than likely your business will engrave in their minds and they will think of you the next time they are in need of a service you may offer, which is a great form of marketing.

Like many other signs, lobby signs have the ability to be customized to any height, shape or size you prefer. With many materials to choose from, finding the perfect sign for your business is not impossible. The options for color combinations, fonts and designs are endless. There are also quite a few materials to have your sign made of. For Example, if you are looking for a durable and cost effective option our most common lobby signs are produced out of an acrylic material. We also offer material that is light weight for those who are concerned about adding to much weight to the walls, this material is known as gator foam.

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Golden Valley Health Center on their new location in Modesto,CA. This sign package included a number of signs one of them being lobby signs. These lobby signs were fabricated out of a 1″ Thick Gator foam, perfect for mounting anywhere inside the building without causing any damage to the walls surface. The letters where finished with an aluminum brushed look and the sides were also painted silver to help give the illusion of a aluminum / Metal sign.

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