Stanislaus County – Lobby and Office Signs for Businesses

Brushed ACM panel
Brushed ACM on standoffs

Have you ever wandered around for hours searching for an office? When you initially arrived at the building, you were, perhaps, in a pleasant mood but after running around everywhere attempting to locate it…that mood turned foul? Reduce the chances of that occurring with your client or customer by adding lobby and office signs! That way, they’re not frustrated with you before you even had a chance to talk with them.


Lobby and office signs help with location and branding. A sleek sign presents professionalism and makes people feel secure that you’ll provide excellent service. An example of a sign that we’ve made is a brushed ACM on standoffs in Stanislaus County.

This sleek sign is a brushed ACM(aluminum composite material) panel with vinyl of the color, cut opaque, that provides a description of which team is in the office. The sign is held on to the wall by aluminum standoffs.

Office signs can provide information to clients about who’s in the office and at what times they’re in the office. For instance, we made a PVC sign that

PVC sign

describes the days and hours of operation. The sign is made of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) and is overlaid with vinyl of the color, sandstone.

The process of making office signs starts with choosing the material, the color of the sign and the design. City Signs will have a designer discuss with you the possible features of the sign. After the design is approved, it will go to production. Once all material is checked, we route the chosen material. Routing is when we cut the material to the desired shape and size. Depending on what you decide with your designer, the panel will go to painting. Afterwards, the vinyl is placed on the panel and goes through quality control. You will have to discuss with your designer  how you would like the sign to be installed.


Our signs can be made with different materials and your designer will communicate with you the best suited material for your sign. Some of the materials we provide:

  • aluminum composite material (ACM)
    • Can be lightweight if desired
  • acrylic
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • coroplast
  • medium density overlay (MDO)
  • polycarbonate (lexan)
  • and more!

We can install your sign in the area of a choice. We have experience making and installing ADA compliant signs as well, so that your building is always up to code.

If you’re interested in ordering a sign or learn more about the advantages and process of signs, please contact us at 209.229.2220.