Stockton, CA Custom ADA Signs for Code Compliance for Public and Private businesses

Have you ever walked into an establishment and you are needing to use the restroom? The first thing you try to find is the sign that shows you where they’re at. Imagine not being able to find the signs or once you do find it, you cannot make them out properly. This is an inconvenience to the customer and might even make them want to come back to the facility.

There are many people who need accommodations when it comes to things like being able to not only locate but also make out certain signs, such as restroom signs. Some of these people include the blind who need signs with braille, or wheelchair bound people who require signs be lower in height. For establishments who cater to the public, they are given prerequisites on how and what signs need to be installed in their facilities. this is due to the Americans with Disabilities Act that was passed in 1990.

Our team can assist you during the design, fabrication, and installation of these signs and also ensure that they will meet all ADA requirements. These signs are important to have not only to avoid the fine of 150,000 if you are non compliant, but also to make your visitors happy and appreciative that you have these signs specifically for their needs. 

Some of the common ADA Signs include: grade 2 braille, entrance and exit signs, wall signs, wheelchair accessible signs, restroom signs, elevator and stairway signs, and more! There are also specifications to keep in mind such as: font and color choices, placement, size, and distance from the ground and ceiling.

Would you like to schedule a time to go over the options you have? Contact us today at 209.229.2220, and let us get started on your custom ADA sign package!