Stockton, CA- Custom Illuminated Channel Letter Set for Orange Theory Fitness

Every industry experiences competitive marketing with other like business. One of these types of businesses are gyms. Gyms have become more common as people have become more interested in being healthier. There are different aspects a potential member reviews before choosing the right gym such as cost, the type of equipment your gym has, and the overall appearance of the gym. Members aren’t going to want to join a gym that looks outdated or uninspiring. Having a sign that look s professional, and shows off your brand will leave a lasting impression on any potential member.

Exterior marketing products are the first impression that your facility gives the public. This mark should not only showcase your brand as a banking business, but also broadcast your professional image. One of our most popular outdoor signs is the channel letter sign. This is a tool that is highly effective as a large and appealing visual impact.

channel letter is an aluminum cap that can be shaped into any letter number or shape fitted with an acrylic face. Theses signs commonly include LED illumination, but also have the option to be non illuminated. Theses signs represent your gyms name or logo, and can also be installed in different ways to your storefront of the building.

There are many different option to go over when customizing your sign package. By going over your marketing goals, brand, location, and budget we can come up with the prefects signs for you. The details included in each sign include: stylized lettering, borders, color combinations, sizing, LED lighting, high resolution images, installation options, plus much more.

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