Stockton, CA – Custom Sign Company & Sign Installers: Church Signs for Exterior


Signs can be used in many different ways. Most people use signs to inform customers of events and need to know information such as safety procedures and caution signs while others utilize signs for branding and marketing. Signs are also extremely beneficial when it comes to location recognition for your community as well as outsiders. Thanks to signs your business will be noticed by anyone passing by.

Here at City signs we have the ability to fabricate not just exterior building signs, but interior signs as well that can be used for many reasons! As a company we believe in quality work which is why we stand behind our work 100%! We assist all of our customers in a timely manner and listen to all requests, concerns, and details from our customers. We make sure we update our customers whether it has to do with the production of the signs or of any information we have received from the City regarding sign permits.

As a full service sign company we have a great professional service team who can assist with any sign services. A couple examples of services we provide include:

  • Illuminated & Non-illuminated Sign Fabrication & installation
  • Neon Sign Repair
  • LED Sign Repair
  • ADA Sign Fabrication and Installation
  • Pole Sign Fabrication & Installation
  • and Much Much More!

An example of an exterior sign we have recently fabricated and installed would be for St. Francis Anglican Church located in Stockton, CA. This sign is a non-illuminated sign meaning they do not light up. These are fabricated out of 1/2″ Acrylic and are known as FCO’s. Our service team installed these individual letters flush mounted to the wall using studs and silicone. Just as there are many options for customizing the aesthetics of a sign, you can also customize the installation method to your liking!

Do you have questions or would like to learn more about services we offer and what areas we service? Give us a call today at 209.229.2220!