Stockton, CA – Custom Signs & Designs: Dimensional Wall Signs for Offices & More

Are you interested in remodeling your office space or maybe just adding some decoration to your walls? Sure you can buy any painting or artwork from a stores shelf but you would be settling on the design, verbiage and colors or you can have a custom sign designed and fabricated by custom sign professionals! With custom signs you are the boss, you can pick the perfect size, shape, design, color combinations and verbiage to fit you space perfectly.  Custom signs in your workspace can serve many purposes such as marketing and branding while also decorating your walls. If you are interested in learning about office signs we offer, please keep reading.

When it comes to office signs there are many options to choose from. Some examples of office signs include:

  • Wall Graphics – Wall Graphics can be produced out of a vinyl material, depending on the wall finish. For vinyl there are different adhesives for many different wall finishes as well as different types of vinyl. The good think about vinyl is that this material is safe to use and can be removed without damaging the walls. Vinyl material is often popular for window and door graphics as well.
  • Banners – Banners are mostly used for temporary signage, they are wonderful for surprise parties, employee appreciation celebrations, birthday parties, and many more office gatherings. Banners can be used indoors and outdoors depending on its purpose.
  • Dimensional Letters – 3-Dimenaional signs come in different styles, different materials to choose from and can be customized to any color combinations desired. These signs are often time individual letters that pop off the wall to create a 3-D illusion. The letters can be 1/4″ thick, 1/2″ thick, 1″ thick and so on. Most common materials used for these signs are aluminum, acrylic or stainless steal.

We have recently worked with Grupe Huber located in Stockton on new office signs! We utilized their existing logo to create a couple of office signs that would fit each wall properly. These signs were fabricated as 1″ thick acrylic painted to match their brand guidelines.

Which ever sign option you choose we are confident our design team here at City signs can design a custom, personalized unique sign that will fit your office aesthetics while branding and marketing for any guest or clients that walk through your doors. We utilize existing logos and also have the capacity to design a new logo for any company, high end materials and state of the art equipment to achieve a well thought out sign package.

What are you waiting for? Give our sign experts a call today at 209.229.2220 and schedule you free consultation today!