Stockton, Ca – Custom Window Graphics for Office Conference and Meeting Rooms

A conference room or a meeting room are often the places where important decisions are made. Business arrangements are agreed upon, business deals settled, and private details disclosed. This is why the walls, windows, and doors of these rooms should provide maximum privacy!

Keeping Current Aesthetic with Updated Look

Modern day conference rooms and meeting rooms have glass doors, glass windows and even glass walls. While these conference rooms have a pleasing aesthetic and have great lighting they do not offer the most ideal privacy and security. Our team here at City Sign offers a great solution to this problem. We work with frosted vinyl that not only helps keep these meetings private, but that also fits in with your company’s aesthetics. These frosted decals can be fabricated as stripped details, patterned design, and even lettering to promote your business while giving your room shade and privacy, not to mention a modern twist to your office.

Make the First Step

The first step to investing in your own custom window graphic installation for your conference or meeting room is the call. Pick up the phone, and reach out to our professionals to schedule a free consultation! This assessment will determine the necessary details such as glass measurements, design ideas, budget, and end goals. With this information, we will formulate a plan for the best product, installation methods, and services to get your needs met head on!


Would you like to know more about the advantages that are specifically offered to your office with these window graphics?  Give our office a call today at 209.229.2220.