Stockton, CA- Interior/Exterior Office Signs: Name Plates, Wall Signs, Building Signs…

There are many different options of signs to choose from, which can make it a little overwhelming to do so. The most important part is to create a custom sign package that meets your specific needs.   Office signs can be very beneficial as that offer structure and guidance through and around the office. Some of the common types of office signs include: door signs, name plates, way finding signs, lobby/conference room signs, and many more. Our team can come up with the sign package that best suits your needs and budget.

Working in an office there are usually many different building or suites that can easily cause your visitors to get lost or cause confusion. A directory sign is the perfect solution to preventing this! The good thing about directory signs  is that there are many different types of directories. Directory signs can be produced in many different shapes, sizes, colors, even different materials.  Directory signs also make it easier for people to find their way, especially if they are in a hurry. This will also reduce time out of your day to stop and navigate where someone who may be lost, is looking to go.  If your business is located within a building with many other suites or within a complex with many different building, a directory sign will be very beneficial.

Our expert design staff are on hand to assess your business’s specific style, location, and brand to develop a complimentary sign package. With the help of our team, you

can choose from custom color combinations, high resolution images, bold lettering, and stylized designs. There are a variety of mediums to choose from, as well. Some of the more common materials used in the fabrication of office signs are wood, acrylics, an array of metals, and vinyl. It all depends on the style and look you are opting for. With our guidance, you are promised a sign investment that will exceed expectations!

We recently produced a sign package for Chicago Title, located in Stockton, CA. For them we produced and installed an exterior building sign, and interior wall sign, and an acrylic plaque with stand offs on each corner with their name and suite number attached. For the exterior sign, we produced non illuminated reverse pan channel letters mounted to building fascia. We used 2″ deep fabricated aluminum letters w/ 1 1/2″ stand offs that were painted black.  For the interior sign we used 1″ thick fabricated brushed stainless letters with a  brushed (horizontal grain) finish. This sign was stud mounted flush to the wall. For the acrylic plaque we used (2) 1/8” clear acrylic panels with 1″ standoffs and 3M Dusted Crystal vinyl number applied to bottom panel of the suite number. 1/2” holes routed in each corner. For the name we inserted 1mil PVC with cut vinyl in the colors: Brushed Aluminum, and 3M 7725-69 Duranodic.

Our mission is to ensure that the sign package we produce compliments your marketing expectations using high quality, lasting materials that guarantees success. We believe there is more to a custom sign and graphics company than just the products we provide, but also want to provide excellent customer service throughout our entire process.

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