Stockton, CA – Interior Signs for Companies

Signs are not limited to the outside of  your company’s building. They can be used at your entrance waiting room. Your clients and/or customers will enter your premises and be reassured that they’re in the correct establishment.

If your office is in a multi-business building, it will make your office stand out right away. It creates a tone of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Interior Sign for Primelink Express

The sign above are FCOs (flat cut outs) are an example of what we designed and created for Primelink Express. Primelink Express is a shipping and trucking company that was founded on 2002.

The first step of creating a sign like Primelink Express’s is to get into contact with one of our designers. Our designers have years of professional experience in customer service and designing. They can help make the layout of your sign. They’ll discuss with you different types of signs, colors, types of material and more.

At City Signs, some signs that we provide are:

  • Channel Letters
  • Flat Cut Out Letters
  • Monuments
  • ADA signs
  • Panels
  • And more!!!

Some material we have are:

  • ACM (aluminum composite material)
  • acrylic
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • coroplast
  • MDO
  • polycarbonate (lexan)
  • And more!!!

Next, is getting the design permitted by the county. At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist. Our specialist will contact county officials for you and ensure your sign is permitted.

After the design is approved by our specialist, the design can go to fabrication or production.

Fabrication and production begins with routing usually. Routing is cutting the material to the desired shape. After routing, it enters fabrication and/or production. Depending on the sign, it will go through channeling, prepping, building, wiring, painting and quality control. All steps ensure that your sign comes out in pristine condition. At City Signs, we provide top quality signs that are made with great care.

However, what if you already have a sign but need it repaired? We can help with that too! City Signs can help repair any sign, it does not have to be made by us. For repairs, we would need to know what type of sign, what the damage is, the address, the location the specific sign and the time you want the repair by.

Regarding repairs and/or installation for interior signs, the time is very important because access to the building is required. The same information applies to exterior signs.

If you’re interested in any of these services or have any questions, please contact us at 209.229.2220