Stockton, Tracy CA – Custom Sign Fabricators: Roof Signs for Building Exterior

Signs come in many different shapes, forms and sizes and you can customize them to anyway you please including installation methods. When you think of signs what is the first thought that goes through your head? There are many different types of signs for example the vinyl graphics that you see on business doors that list hours of operation and other information are known as signs and there are also roof signs, pole signs, wall signs and even wall murals! As you may know by now, signs are all around us and help with many different needs. If you would like to learn more about what our company offers just keep on reading!

We have had the honor and pleasure of being in the sign industry for over 24 years and have done so by providing our customers with great customer service and quality products whether our customers were returning customers or new. We take pride in our jobs and work completed which is why we back up our products 100%. We don’t only fabricate our signs in house but we also have a service team on hand that is trained to install your new or existing signs and service signs if needed. Our talented and professional design team works directly with customers to help them create a sign design that will be displayed with pride ! Here at City Signs we also offer quite a few design time features that include logo design for new or existing businesses,  logo recreation, one on one consultations and more!

An example of a sign that was custom made for its building is for Motion Physical Therapy located in Stockton, CA. Many times there are requirements from either the City (when pulling permits) and also from landlords that require your sign to be fabricated out of certain materials, be a certain height and even be installed a certain way in order for you to proceed with your signage and not be fines. Our team helps with obtaining permits with the Cities and we also work directly with property management to make sure the signs we produce are compliant to any sign criteria. Motion PT’s Sign package included a new 32″ x 122″ Illuminated Sign cabinet as their main signage on the roof and a 28″ x 108″ Non-illuminated monolithic sign frame for their entrance among others. Each sign includes an acrylic sign face as an insert that contains the company name and logo cut out of vinyl.

Our team is invested in providing guests with the best end results without having to settle, for this we offer many options of customizations! You can customize your fonts to any size and any font desired as well as any color combinations you can think of! We offer options to customize your signs size, material and verbiage.

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