Tracy, CA – Channel Letter Wall Sign with Backer Panel for Businesses

Signs are important part about starting a business. Signs lay out your branding, your name, marketing and more!

J.B. Hunt

A sign created and installed by City Signs in Tracy, CA is J.B. Hunt’s sign. J.B. Hunt provides freight transportation in the United States, Canada and Mexico. They are well known for their semi-truck services.

J.B. Hunt’s sign is referred to as channel letter sign with a backer panel. The channel letters are the portion that says “J.B. Hunt” and the backer panel is the yellow panel with a black outline. Backer panels are a great way to add a background to your sign without painting the building’s wall. One of the main reasons why panels are referred over painting the building has to do with precision. Backer panels allow for the background to be precise in color and size.

How to Get a Channel Letter Set with a Backer Panel

Landlord Communication

The first step is to communicate with your landlord about getting a sign. They may have placed regulations about which types of signs are to be used on the building. They may have a document stating what signs are allowed. If you’re the owner of the building, this step can be skipped.


A survey refers to when a City Signs team will go out and inspect your building. Surveys are important because we gather data like building measurements, frontage measurements (area available for the sign), check electrical components and more.


Next, the building’s measurements will be shared with your City Signs designer. Your designer will make a visual representation of your sign. In this phase, you can communicate what color and graphics you’d like. The option of illumination will be discussed. If you’re building is not equipped with the recommended electrical components, instead of a backer panel, a wireway may be better suited. If you don’t desire a background for your sign, a raceway is recommended. Wireways and raceways are useful to protect electrical components to let all the letters of your sign illuminate.

At City Signs we provide a variety of signs, therefore you’re not limited to channel letters, you could order:

  • Flat Cut Out letter (FCOs) Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Panel Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • Capsule Signs
  • And more!


Afterwards, your design needs to get approved by the city/county. Each city/county has its own regulations regarding signs. At City Signs, we provide a permitting specialist who can help navigate your sign. They will reach out to city/county officials for you.


After your design is approved by the city/county, it can go into fabrication/production. This means your sign is turning into reality. At this stage, it will go through routing, vinyl, trim capping, LEDs, and more!


Finally, the install team will contact you about a date to install your sign. They’ll advise on what time they’ll arrive and more.


If you have any questions or are interested in any of the services mentioned above, please contact us at (209)229-2220