Tracy, CA – Custom Sign Business: Wooden Sign Fabrication & Installations

Do you own a business and are interested in a fun and different sign? Have you thought about a wooden sign for your frontage or even drive way? Signs are not only used for businesses, they are also used for homes, apartments, and more! Wooden signs can be that elegant touch your fence or wall may be missing! Keep reading to read more!

Just like other sign options wooden signs have many options you can choose from for fabrication, sizing, materials, and color combinations that can be used as well as many ways to install these signs. These signs can be great for long term use and also as temporary use. A few options we have to offer include :

Sandblasted Signs – Redwood or Cedar woods are typically what we use for these signs because they are natural woods and have the supremacy of being insect resistant meaning no termites. These signs are great for long term use and can be customized to an elegant sign design with an option for raided lettering.

MDO Signs – MDO’s are treated plywood, are often times used for a more temporary sign option and are very cost effective. These signs are not meant to last very long but are great for construction signs, Leasing signs, and more!

We have recently worked on a sign design for two new sandblasted sign that we also installed in Tracy, CA. These signs were fabricated using a Cedar wood one of them at 18″ x 50″ and 1.5″ Thick single sided and the 2nd was also single sided cedar wood as well and measured at 15″ x 42″ 1.5″ thick. Both signs were fabricated with raised lettering and were painted 2 colors per the request of our customer.

City signs is a company that cares about all our customers whether you are a returning customer, new customer or need a rough estimate to get started, we are here to help. We treat our customers with respect, and strive to provide great customer service. Our team produces work we stand by 100% and service signs to the greatest of our ability with professionalism. We are here to help our communities design sign packages that will bring success to their business and a design they will proudly displayed as a representation of their company.

If you would like to learn more about your sign options and how to get started contact our staff today at 209.229.2220, we are happy to help with your sign needs!