Tracy, CA – Custom Sign Company – A-Frames Sign & Side Walk Signs

There is a lot of thought that goes into opening a new business. You must consider what location would be best for your business, how busy the area is, your company name, colors, logos and the list goes on and on. Downtown is always a great location with lots of foot traffic, perfect opportunities for advertising your business and marketing as well. With areas such as these, a great way to advertise your business is through sidewalk signage.

Sidewalk signs can be anything from pole signs to A-frame signs. A – Frame signs are great for temporary use and can be moved around from one side of the building to another . A – frame signs come in many different forms and sizes. You can choose from Aluminum metal frame to a commonly used option which is the plastic double sided signs with inserts. The inserts on either option of extremely customizable and can be made from many different materials from aluminum to coroplast and more! For the Metal sign frames the sign that contains the information also have options for materials. Some of the common include aluminum or PVC. These signs are not just great for advertising a business, they can also be used for real estate and to promote open houses!

Pole signs are a bit more permanent or great for long term use! Pole signs can be customized just as much as an a frame. A couple of examples of what is customizable would be the poles. The poles can be rounded, squared off, and all punch holes. Also the poles can be at many different signs to accommodate any specific height required or desired. The panels for the poles can also be customized to any material you would like however the most commonly used material for pole panel would have to be aluminum. The Panels then get vinyl graphics installed on them to great the verbiage or images you would like to use.

City signs is here to help small family owned businesses, first time business owners, and even out side sign vendors when they are in need of an local installation. With competitive prices, quality work, and a varity of sign options and designs to choose from, we are confident we can help you find the perfect sign where it be for your business or to give as a gift for a home!

If you are interested in learning more about what our company has to offer, please feel free to reach out to us at 209.229.2220.