Tracy, CA – Custom Sign Maintenance and Sign Repairs for Outdoor Signs

We all use signs in our everyday life without realizing it. We use signs for advertising events, new business, sales and promotions. We use signs for informing the public about rules, requirements, regulations, and important need to know information. Signs are all unique and all serve a different purpose but what is most important when displaying signage is that we keep them presentable!

Like everything around us, nothing is forever. Eventually through out the years lights and led’s go out, the vibrant bold colors of a vinyl tend to fade due to out door sun exposure, and large block letters on the outside of a building start to build up some dust and even birds build nests on them, all which are inevitable. Here at City signs we offer service to existing signs. Some examples of services we offer include:

  • Replacing LED’s or Power Supplies
  • Replacing Lamps or Ballasts
  • Updating the look of existing signs
  • Repaint
  • And More!

Our most recent sign service was for an existing monument sign for Fountain Plaza located in Tracy, CA. When our customer reached out to us they had mentioned that the monument sign was hit by a vehicle, the sign was no longer lighting and some tenant panels needed to be replaced. Our team was able to site check this sign for measurements, materials needed to service lighting, color matching and pictures. With the help of our customer we were able to update the tenant panels to reflect new business. While onsite our service team also did the best they could to push out the dented section of the monument sign.

City signs has departments for any sign service needed. We offer new sign designs from our talented design team, free quotes from our in house estimators, help with sign permitting for our permit expeditor, in house fabrication of most signs, and our very own service team to help with installations and services.

With over 20 years in the sign industry we are certain we can fit your sign needs whether you are looking for new signs, updating or servicing existing signs, and also removing or installing existing and new signs. By using state of the art materials we can confidently say our signs are meant to last a long time before any servicing is needed. As your honest sign company we make sure we fabricate all signs carefully and design signs that will set your business up for SUCCESS!

If you are interested in learning more or would like a quick quote, give us a call today at 209.229.2220.