Tracy, CA – How to Practice Social Distancing With Custom Floor Decals and Graphics

As many of us know, work places are taking precautions when it comes to this pandemic of Covid19. Many businesses are not allowed a certain amount of customers in their stores at once and are enforcing we all stand 6ft apart from one another when standing in lines. Keeping your distance is very important as well as respecting everyone’s personal space. We know it can be hard to calculate exactly 6ft and inform every customer individually, and for this we recommend floor decals!

Floor decals are made out of vinyl material and are perfect for almost every floor type. One of the up sides of vinyl graphics is that they are easily applied, just measure every 6th foot, peal, and apply! Another upside of this option is that these decals can be removed without damaging the surface.Vinyl graphics are a creative and cost effective option for every business.

Because of their ability for every business to add personal touches and customization options your decals can be the perfect way to inform all of your guests and customers as to where to stand and even help you display other information. Decals are often used as window and door graphics to display hours of operation, phone numbers, and company logos. Producing floor decals is no different, you can display your company logo and use colors that will help with marketing and branding your business. These decals can be made to any shape, size and can include any desired design and color combinations.

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