Turlock, CA – City Signs In A City Near You

Turlock is the second biggest city in Stanislaus county. City Signs has produced many signs for businesses in Turlock. We’re a quick drive away for installation and/or pick up! We’ve made monuments to panels for the great city.

City Sign Examples at Turlock

Evoqua at Turlock


A sign that we made made are Evoqua’s flat cut out (FCOs). The sign were painted beautiful blue colors that represent the essence of water. Evoqua Water Technologies is a provider of water and offer services of waste water treatment solutions.

Flat Cut Outs (FCO)

FCOs are flat cut out letters. The signs are usually made of acrylic letters and are flush mounted to the wall. FCOs give a smooth and professional look to the building.

Lifestyle Realty

Another example of a type of sign we made is for Lifestyle Realty. Lifestyle Realty is real estate firm located in Turlock.

Lifestyle Realty Monument Face

This sign lets clients know that Lifestyle Realty is in the business complex. We added a texture to the sign to match the monument and other signs.

Sierra Oaks

Furthermore, we helped create a sign for Sierra Oaks. Sierra Oaks is an apartment complex. They’re pet friendly, have a 24 hour fitness center and more!

Sierra Oaks Sign with FCOs

Sierra Oaks got their sign updated. Their old sign was wearing out and we installed and made their new sign. It’s important for signs to look brand new. The sign compels potential renters to come and look at their apartments.

Jessica’s House

Jessica’s House is a place that provides support to grieving families.

Jessica’s House FCOs

We helped create and install the hearts inside Jessica’s House. The sign are FCOs and were created with great care.

Mundos Latin Grill

Mundos Latin Grill & Cantina’s illuminated sign cabinet with LED Tube Letter and Router Cut Face

Mundos Latin Grill & Cantina is a restaurant in Turlock that offers great food and service. Their sign gives a mysterious and sleek look to the restaurant. This type of sign needs welding and LEDs.

Getting a Sign from City Signs


The first step of getting a sign is getting a design. At City Signs, we have professionals designers with years of experience in design and customer service. They will ensure that your sign has all the qualities that you need.


Second, is the design needs to get permitted before it enters fabrication and/or production. We have a permitting specialist who will contact county and city officials for you. We’ll ensure that your sign follows guidelines.

Fabrication and Production

Third, the sign will enter fabrication and/or production. This stage is where your design turns into reality. The possible steps your sign may go through is channeling, prepping, building, wiring, painting and quality control. All these step help ensure that your sign comes out great!


City Sign installers can help install your sign and reach high places. When your sign is done, the team will contact you for when they can install.


If you’re interested in any of the services mentioned or have any questions, please contact us 209.229.2220