Turlock, CA – Commercial Signs for Local Companies

If you’re a new company, you need to advertise the most you can to attract customers. A great way to start is to have a commercial sign that represents your company. A sign that is so catching to the eye that it will spark the curiosity of a person walking by. A sign sets the tone of your business, a funky design gives the impression of fun, a sleek design radiates professionalism and earthy tones lets your customers be prepared for an experience with nature.

There’s different commercial signs that can be used:

  • Channel Letters
  • Monuments
  • Flat Cut Outs (FCOs)
  • And more!
Channel Letters

Channel letters pop out and are usually at the top of the building of a company.  Channel letters can also be illuminated if desired. The process of making channel letters usually consist of cutting vinyl to the desired shapes, trim capping the shapes (similar to gluing but using plastic and aluminum) and adding the desired colored vinyl. If the sign is illuminated, it needs to go to the process of wiring and getting a UL (lighting certified).


Monuments are fantastic signs to welcome customers and clients to your company. They help notify people if they’re at the right location while providing beautiful artwork. Monuments have a longer and more complicated process than other signs. They need to get welded to the desired size and shape. The example provided (Mountain Shadows) also is illuminated. Within the sign, there are LED lights that give the sign illumination at night. All illuminating signs go through the process of ULing. Afterwards, the chosen paint is applied. Monument signs are great for large areas where people can easily get lost!


Flat Cut Out (FCO) letters look great, not only indoors, but outdoors too. FCOs need to get cut into the desired shape, sanded and painted. City Signs can customize your FCOs to your wishes. As shown in the example above, your sign can be in any color you want and desired shape. FCOs can provide a shine of color to a room.

City Signs are invested in making your dream sign come true. Our designers can guide you on what type of sign would be best suited for your business. We have experience with permitting as well. We can ensure that your dream sign follows guidelines.

If you’re interested in any of these signs or services, please contact us at 209.229.2220.