Turlock, CA – Custom Creative Storefront Signs for Professional Businesses

What do you want from your outdoor signs? Do you want to create an easily identifiable tool for your customers to find? Are you hoping to bring in new consumers to your business? Whatever goal you have in mind from your outdoor sign, we have an option that will fit. A channel letter sign is the perfect partner to any business!

Channel Letters are large signs made out of aluminum that have the option to be outfitted with LED wiring for visibility at night as well as during the day. To achieve the color you are looking for in your sign or even to add your company logo for marketing purposes there is an acrylic face that is installed over the letter and topped with a vinyl overlay. Not only can channel letters be fabricated in letter forms but also as shapes to include your logos and company name.

With these type of signs being very customizable they are a perfect fit for any business. A few customizing options these signs offer are their size to fit any placement , and color to really showcase and display your branding correctly. Some examples of businesses that have seen success with these signs are:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Medical Facilities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Movie Theaters
  • Restaurants

Autism Learning Partners is one of our more recent channel letter sets that we have fabricated in house and installed. The letters were fabricated as 3″ deep aluminum Halo Lit channel letters. This sign is illuminated with LED illumination giving a 24 hour advertisement opportunity. In order to create the logo for this company the aluminum was shaped according to the shape needed and then was topped with a lexan sign face with vinyl overlay to give the colors needed.

Custom Creations for Long-Lasting Success

Channel letter signs offer a variety of features that can be custom suited during fabrication to blend better with your business brand and location. We can use color matching technology to meld with current signs or logo image, and utilize high-resolution images, as well. Stylized lettering, borders, and embellishment are all options to create a developed design for your channel letter sign!

Are you interested in learning more about the channel letter signs that are able to build your business identification and brand awareness? Call today at 209.229.2220 we look forward to putting you on the right track to a successful business.