Turlock, CA – Sign Project: Custom Logo Sign Packages for Business Marketing

When you have a business that revolves around customer and guest visits, establishing a great memorable logo is a key element for any great marketing campaign!

Businesses are not all the same. You want your business to stand out from the competition. But, how do you do that? Work with the sign experts in your area who will create, design, and install your logo signs with care and attention; because here at City signs we understand your business logo is the brand you’ve worked so hard to build and grow!

Are you willing to let your community fall into the arms of your competitors, all because your brand inst as recognizable as theirs ? We can fabricate great logo signs that will leave a lasting impression on your community and will lead you to increasing your business!

A couple examples as to why logo signs are ideal to include in any if not all establishments are:

  • Leaving a lasting impression. You customers will come into your business and see your logo well represented through out your store. The more they see it the more likely it would be for them to think of you business once again when they are in need of your service.
  • Decor for interior and exterior. Not only can your logo sign help you market your business, but it can also help you fill any empty spaces and make your office feel and look alive as opposed to your competitors plain and boring office.
  • Customizing Options. With Custom made signs your possibilities are endless. You can create a sign perfect for any space large or small and that can also tie in with any color schemes in your office. You can create your dream sign and not have to settle!

We have recently worked with Turlock’s irrigation district in fabricating new signage for their grand remodel. We produced a couple helpful plaques for way finding, they point to the direction where you can check in for appointments meeting and the customer service desk. This kind of signage can be very helpful for new guests as well as new employees. This sign package also included a logo sign. The logo sign as well as the way finding plaques were fabricated out of stainless steel giving this office a clean and modern look. The plaques were stud mounted on the wall making them “Pop” off the wall. As for the logo signs because of the textured wall these letters were not able to be installed directly onto the wall therefore we use a clear acrylic panel to mount the letters and then stud mounted the sign to the wall. Never the less the sign package also included vinyl decals that stated office hours and decor “dots” for the glass windows.

There are many ways and options you can use to include your logo into your establishment include. Some options are through:

  • Vinyl Graphics on your doors or windows
  • Printed Wall Murals
  • FCO’s
  • Acrylic Panels
  • Mission Statements
  • And Much More!

Are you interested in learning about more ways you can benefit from including your logo sign in your establishment give us a call today at 209.229.2220!