Turlock, CA – Updating Translucent Sign Face for Aspiranet

At City Signs, we don’t only design new signs for our clients, but we also offer refurbishments. Sometimes an existing sign works fine and doesn’t need to be replaced, but needs a little refreshment. A common job is to replace the sign faces.

If sign faces are made from a poor-quality acrylic, they will only have a limited lifespan. That’s especially true when they’re placed under the Californian sun. Not long ago, we did such a job for Aspiranet, an adoption and foster care organization.

The photo shows what a good job we did. Hey, we’re not called City Signs, Modesty! But seriously, we were able to replace the old translucent vinyl face with a fresh new one. We transferred the branding, including logo and slogan. When lit, the different blues in the brand light up with a renewed clarity and color.

Turlock is home to many of our customers. It’s always good to serve another great company based there. Aspiranet makes it their business to connect foster parents and those who want to adopt with children in need of a home. Many of the City Signs staff are parents too, so it’s particularly rewarding to play a small part in the success of this heartwarming company.

This project is a perfect example of how much can be achieved for very little cost. There was no need to replace the existing aluminum cabinet. This still looked good and was doing a great job housing the wiring and LEDs. We checked it for weatherproofing and robustness. The original sign face, however, was past its best. We cut its replacement out of a sheet of 3/16” 3M translucent vinyl, the best in the business. Our sign installers sealed the face into the cabinet and it was ready for business.

A large illuminated sign like this at the entrance to a business is helpful for anyone trying to locate the address. A professionally designed brand on a well-maintained sign offers reassurance to potential clients. If the sign outside is shabby and weatherworn, folks think less kindly of the services provided. Protect your brand by keeping your existing outdoor signs clean and well maintained.

If you need a sign repaired or refurbished, call or email us for a free estimate. Not all sign makers are interested in sign refurbishment. City Signs will refresh your existing signage, because we always look to do the job which works best for your needs and your budget.