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Vehicle Graphics

There are very few more effective way to advertise your business to the local community than through the use of vehicle or fleet graphics. As well as being useful for advertising, vehicle graphics add a level of professionalism to the vehicles you or your employees drive. This allows your customer to know and recognize your vehicles when you or your employees show up to a job site.

Full Wraps vs Partial Wraps

When talking about vehicle graphics there is essentially two types of wraps you can do. A full wrap or a partial wrap.

Full wraps are essentially wrapping all or most the visible areas of the vehicle. This is a very time intensive process and costs a bit more than a partial wrap, however, the final product is the most effective form of vehicle graphics. This type of vehicle graphics makes a statement. It’s incredibly eye catching and makes your vehicle stand out among all the other vehicles on the road.

Partial wraps can encompass anything from simple door decals to show your business name and logo to halfway wrapping the vehicle. This is a more economical way to put vinyl on your vehicle and can also be an effective way to brand your vehicles.

How long do vehicle graphics last?

With care, you can expect to get six to eight good years of life out of your vehicle graphics. After that time, you will start to see the vinyl peel and the colors fading, which means it’s time to come in and update your graphics.

Great ways to help your vehicle graphics last longer are: Park your vehicle indoors when possible, wash your vehicle by hand and not too often, and take care not to scrape or scratch the vinyl when possible.