Waterford, CA – Tree Information Panel Sign for City of Waterford

Recently, the City of Waterford asked us to design an information panel sign for the Tuolumne River Parkway. We were confident we could deliver the perfect solution for them. The sign needed to inform visitors about the trees growing along the river trail and the need to protect them. We started by asking them precisely what kind of layout they were looking for.

RP4200 Picture

From the photo you can see the sign design we came up with. Color images of nine tree species are displayed. Each is accompanied by a concise paragraph of text giving clear information about the specified tree.

We felt privileged to assist the City of Waterford with their Tuolumne River Parkway project. The Parkway provides a natural route for the city populace to enjoy the beauty of the river corridor. Their evident enthusiasm for the project definitely made the City of Waterford a joy to work with.

This double-sided information sign was created using two pre-cut panels of durable aluminum sheeting. The finished graphics were digitally printed onto both front and back panels, and it was important to get the layout right so that the sign would be easy to read. We divided the information part of the sign into two columns, with five species on the left and four on the right. The sign’s two supporting legs were made from aluminum square tube posts and the finished sign was set in 2,400 psi concrete to ensure it remains standing come what may.

RP4200 Picture

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